Me too…was in darkness… till Flash Unit enlightened me…

Sukhmani, our daughter is lighitng candles at the Golden Temple at dusk.


Acrobat Passing Bicycle through Burning tyre.

Acrobat Passing Bicycle through Burning tyre.

Like any other novice in the field of photography, my impression about flash for photography was that its only a tool which substitutes for sunlight, especially when one has to shoot indoors or at night. Soon after a brief dabbling, I learnt a bit more that it can be used for fill-in light during the day. I also had this impression that buying good equipment leads straight to good photos automatically, many of you have the same. Therefore, I quickly jumped on to that crowded platform (full of headless chickens)  to grab a Canon flash Speedlite 550 EX, thinking I should have the best flash. I must admit this here that for some reasons even I dreaded the use of flash and I did not use my Canon flash for five years. Then one day, while I was shooting at the Golden Temple (ref the photo of Sukhmani on to the right), I wanted to take a photo of our both children, as Sukhmani was lighting candles at the `parikrama’ of the holy-tank, at dusk. By chance, a thought came to my mind that how about filling in some light for Sukhmani and balancing it with the dusk, I did not want to silhouette them. So, I started thinking about it and managed to do some calculations and broke the jinx. This was my first very basic creative lighting exercise and then it opened my `inner eyes’ and will never forget this turning point on my photography pilgrimage. I was amazed about what all could be done with single flash itself. Soon, I added off-camera cord to my flash kit. Then arrived my macro ring light, which I consider as utter waste of money now. I will express my views about it soon in this blog.

Camel Traders Exchanging About the Day

After some more experience with flash and off-camera-cord, I discovered that this is the most basic flash kit, which I had and I need more powerful one and with variety of accessories. My desire to have light modifiers for my Canon Speedlite coaxed me to launch my serious search and kept referring to Uncle Google. Its during this hunting operation, I stumbled upon SPEEDLIGHT PRO KIT. I love every wonderful piece, made by this company.

Mushrooms shot with a portable flash and supported by ring flash, indoors on a table set up, organised in a tea tray.

Its a blessing for any travel photographer to have the products of SPEEDLIGHT PROKIT. There is no parallel of these products in the market as of now, for these can collapse and fold  to be shoved into backpack, made of very light weight but high quality plastic material. I just can not imagine that there could be something so wonderful.

These light modifiers can help you create those photos now, which were a far dream for travel photographers. There were no such accessories in the market before. These kits will help anyone to transform one’s photos into phenomenally amazing photographs, thus earn better name and more money for one’s photos in the competitive market.

Succulent Shot with Elinchrom Strobes.

Flash Gun fitted with `light modifiers’ adds life and charm to photos, especially back-lit or at dusk and dawn. And this extra dimension adds value to photos and earns better respect in the market.


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