Flash Photography – tool for infinite creativity !

Camel Traders Cooking Food in the evening at Pushkar Cattle Fair, Rajasthan (INDIA)

Photography is directly related to the word `photo’, which means light. To be more precise, its art performed with the help of well managed light.

Do you know one of the biggest secrets that professional photographers use to get better pictures in outdoor photography? They use a flash!  I know, it sounds simple and truthfully it is… sort of.

In the beginning, flash photography came into being as a source of light when the Sun was down or for indoors where the available light was too dim to help photographers. But as flash equipment evolved, along with its accessories, it became more of a source of creative lighting. One can create the desired artistic images, with the help of flash photography. I am sure, most of us must be well aware that majority of fashion and industrial photography is created with the help of flash lights (strobes). Over a period of time, creative photographers with technical bent of mind, developed variety of flash accessories, which are also called `light modifiers’.

Photographed with Elinchrom Strobes

Till recently, almost all light modifiers were available only for studio flash/ strobes. May be, the fashion and industrial photography industry had more capacity to pay for these accessories and being static in studios it was easy to use them, thus maximum demand was from the commercial world. Since there was no demand from travel photographers for these `light modifiers’, this segment got overlooked, as abysmally low demand made no sense for commercial production for such accessories. Also, I feel that it was very difficult for travel photographers to lug around these cumbersome accessories.  With the advent of digital photography, the most wonderful thing which could have happened to photography, it has become the best learning tool for beginners, thus demand of camera equipment has increased multifolds, the number of photographers has mushroomed by thousands of times than before. Majority of these are travel photographers, as people can club holiday with outdoor/ travel photography. As they grow on the learning graph, they explore more and more possibilities and techniques to improve their creativity and make the results more appealing.

Today, there is wide spectrum of flash equipment in the international market. Its a very large industry and there are hundreds of manufacturers of the flash equipment and accessories. Some are very expensive, which denotes the quality.

Magniyar Folk artist from Rajasthan playing his purcussion instrument.

But for some reason, FLASH PHOTOGRAPHY is a topic that most amateur photographers are deathly afraid of and many others do not even attempt to fully understand it. I have also gone through this phase in early photography life, but I shortened it with my spirit to explore and was bold enough to take a plunge to explore this wonderful tool. And I am awestruck with it ! Once I found the magic it can do to my photos, I am going deeper into it now. On my recent trip to Pushkar Cattle Fair, I experimented a lot with portable camera flash and amazing accessories by SpeedLight Pro Kit. The results are very encouraging for me to leapfrog on to the next platform and buy professional portable flash system by Elinchrom.

There are some other advantages of flash unit, other than being a magical tool that have been made to assist us in making a picture with creative lighting, which is fully under our control; we can shoot at any time of the day or night, under any kind of weather and light conditions, total peace (no wind and breeze, no onlookers in case of fashion or nude photography).

I am sure you all will agree that when a flash is used intelligently, one creates photographs which stand out of the crowd. It adds an extra dimension to your photograph and that’s what we all are craving for. Isn’t it? In fact, for the advantages mentioned above, I have always advocated flash photography being the best option for those who are stuck with their job, one can do photography after office hours. Isn’t a great advantage for those who are denied sunlight by their `blood-sucking’ offices of MNCs.

Camel Trader at Pushkar Cattle Fair, Rajasthan (India)

I would like to say,  without any doubt, the worst, most horrible, ugliest way to light any subject is with the little flashgun that comes built into almost every camera. Next time you think of photography, do consider exploring your camera flash and try to know the gamut of flash accessories, which are a must for creative flash photography. Otherwise, you are bound to get drab and tasteless photos, with flat light and you won’t like to look at these.

I must say that internet has also played a great role in this explosion of photo-equipment and accrued ocean of useful information, which we never had before. All these accessories are mushrooming now in great variety, all thanks to internet, that has helped the market to grow. Its so easy to know all the products available in the market, compare them, select and choose what you consider as best for yourself, make payment and import without hassle. Its worth taking a bold step to invest into these wonders of technology, which are so easily available and inexpensive as well. If you understand the pulse of the photo market and sell your photos, then you will be able to recover the cost in just a couple of shots only.

Outdoor flash photography is a very interesting area to explore and once you get the hang of it, it can reward you with amazing professional results that you wouldn’t be able to accomplish otherwise.

You must remember one thing, practice makes a man perfect. You need to experiment with lighting to learn what works for and what doesn’t. Once you discover and know what suits you best, you will be on the road to creating amazing photos.

So, why wait, explore the magic of flash with light modifiers! You may begin your exploratory journey of flash photography with the Puffer – Pop Up Flash Diffuser,  or Pro Kit Mini Bounce cheapest and the best.


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