I am sure, Speedlight Pro Kit is the only one in the market, which has a comprehensive range of flash modifiers in the market, i.e. reflectors, diffusers, honeycombs, filters, cutters and diverters, together with a wide array of accessories and spares. These products are designed to achieve full mobility, can be folded and stored flat and improve quality of the pictures in flash photography. Unique mounting system ensures that Speedlight Pro Kit products can be used on almost all types of flash strobes in the market.

One has to use Speedlight Pro Kit products to really appreciate and experience the revolutionary transformation from the bulky studio lights. You are now free from the heavy and inflexible mono-blocs and power packs including all those messy cables and wires.

Our products are affordable and you can start with the basic set and add and build up as you go along. The items are expandable and inter-changeable giving you total flexibility.

NOTE: Please visit this link for more details about the products of SpeedLight Pro Kit.


2 comments on “Products

  1. in india where can one purchase speedlite pro kit and the approximate cost of the item .a reply in this regard will be much appreciated.

    warm regards mpeermohammed

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